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Underwater ‘trash’ the wedding dress

Turksandcaicos 4334

After twelve years of taking photos in the Turks and Caicos Islands, I still enjoy photographing couples and families around our beautiful islands – but one of the things I love most is when I get the chance to do an underwater ‘trash’ the wedding dress.

We don’t do this type of photo shoot very often, but when we do, we get very excited about it. We did our first trash the dress shoot in 2011, and we have done quite a few more since then.

Ashley and Kyle got married last year in their home state of Illinois. While planing their honeymoon to the Turks and Caicos, Ashley contacted us because she wanted to do a shoot around the islands – specifically an underwater shoot with her wedding dress.

On January 21st, I picked up Ashley and Kyle at the Alexandra Resort where they were staying. For the first part of the shoot, we went to Leeward Beach, and then to Bugaloo’s beach bar.

For the ‘trash’ the wedding dress part, we went to Malcolm’s Beach. This part of the island is well known for being a peaceful place with a rocky shore and vibrant blue seascape. The sea was a bit rough that day, but I was quite happy as the water was still very clear and it was the first time I had photographed a bride under the waves.

Here are a few images from the Malcom’s Beach ‘trash the wedding dress…..

Turksandcaicos_4319 Turksandcaicos_4320 Turksandcaicos_4321 Turksandcaicos_4322 Turksandcaicos_4323 Turksandcaicos_4324 Turksandcaicos_4325 Turksandcaicos_4326 Turksandcaicos_4327 Turksandcaicos_4328 Turksandcaicos_4329 Turksandcaicos_4330 Turksandcaicos_4331 Turksandcaicos_4332 Turksandcaicos_4333 Turksandcaicos_4334 Turksandcaicos_4335