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wedding anniversary in the Turks and Caicos

Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait 020

A wedding anniversary is always a very special occasion but celebrating 50 years of beautiful marriage is really something! And what better way to celebrate than coming to the Turks and Caicos islands with your family, which is what Connie and Rodney did.

On January 31st Craig and I met with the family at The Sands resort. Over the next hour we captured some photos around the beautiful resort gardens and then we moved to Grace Bay beach to catch the last few minutes before sunset.

Here are some highlights from the wedding anniversary photo shoot…..

Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_002Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_001 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_003 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_004 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_005 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_006 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_007

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Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_008 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_009 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_010 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_011 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_012 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_013 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_014 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_015 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_016 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_017 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_018 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_019 Turksandcaicosfamilyportrait_020