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Amanyara Weddings in Turks and Caicos

An underwater maternity Shoot

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to do an underwater maternity shoot with a great couple at the Amanyara Resort.

I have done quite a few underwater trash the dress shoots this wedding season. However, this was one of the very few maternity shoots I have done underwater so I was really looking forward to it.

On the day of the shoot I met with Andrea and Jeff early in the morning at the beautiful Amanyara Resort. First we did some photos around the resort, an outstanding property with some incredible views to the northwest side of Providenciales.

The underwater part of the shoot was incredible, we were very lucky to have a day with flat and crystal clear water plus we had a big school of silver side fish that helped to make some great images.

Here are just a few of my favorite ones ….

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Spring Break at Amanyara

Spring break is in full swing in Turks and Caicos and we’ve had several returning families back to visit us. Jill and Kirk and their two boys Hunter and Jackson had a few days at one of the resorts on Grace bay before moving to Amanyara. It’s certainly one of our favourite resorts with its Asian inspired architecture and amazing beach. It was back in 2012 that we first did a family photo shoot with them and it was great to see the boys again  -a little older, but just as fun. As a dad myself it’s always special to see families together having pictures, just hanging out and taking a few moments to be together.  Great family in a wonderful location…perfect.

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Girls getaway’s – Amanyara style!

It appears that girl’s getaway trips are becoming more and more popular. We’ve helped several groups this summer and its not just limited to birthdays or bacholorette parties. Even Luxury travel mum Kim Marie recently blogged about such trips.“Five Great Reasons to Grab a Girlfriend and Go” A quick call one friday and a few hours later I walked in to see Caryn and Lindsay “prepping” for their shoot. We narrowed the outfits down from 6-7 each to 3 each and headed to the perfect cove and beach right outside their Amanyara villa. I think I found my new favourite photo spot in Turks and Caicos. No wonder Sports Illustrated used that same spot earlier this year…Read More »Girls getaway’s – Amanyara style!

Jolie and Stuart’s Wedding, Amanyara Resort, Turks and Caicos Islands

It started off as “routine” romantic shoot at Amanyara one evening. Booked through the resort , I first met Jolie and Stuart at the lobby and we started to take a few pictures as we worked our way down to the beach. I soon quickly discovered that there visit was for more than a romantic trip – they were planning their wedding day ! It was delightful then to find myself a few months later helping them with a “sweet and simple” ceremony at Amanyara. With a backdrop as gorgeous as you could ever want, close family and friends on hand  – it was “perfect” !

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