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turks and caicos photo shoot

honeymoon photo shoot

Honeymoon photo shoot in Grand Turk

A few weeks ago, Kim and Kevin contacted us about doing a honeymoon photo shoot in Grand Turk. They had already had their wedding day in Canada but wanted to have photos taken in their wedding attire whilst on their cruise ship honeymoon and stopping in Grand Turk for a few hours.

When the ship docked in Grand Turk we picked them up at the terminal and took them to a few different locations around the island for a variety of photographs.

A highlight of the shoot for us was chartering a boat to take Kim and Kevin to Gibbs Cay for a ‘trash the dress’ shoot. Gibbs Cay is well known for it’s sting rays that come to be fed by tourists in the shallow water. We have done many of this type of shoot before but never with sting rays!

After just a few minutes in the water, Kim and Kevin were surrounded by sting rays and one even photobombed a picture with what can only be described as a cheeky smile on it’s face 😉

At the end of the shoot, we took the short ride back to the cruise ship terminal and said goodbye to Kim and Kevin before making our own journey back to Providenciales. It was an awesome day.  A big thanks to Grand Turks divers for helping us to get to Gibbs Cay and back to Grand Turk.

To see more info about our honeymoon photo shoots or “trash the wedding” sessions please go to Brilliant

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A colorful engagement session in Blue Hills

Most of the engagement sessions we shoot are normally around the Grace Bay area, but Kyle and Seana wanted do something a little different and more colorful. We decided to do their engagement session in Blue Hills – a quiet, laid-back part of the island that gives visitors a glimpse into what the island was like many years ago.

Seana and Kyle came to the Turks & Caicos for a short site visit to meet with some of the island wedding vendors to help them on for their coming destination wedding in March.

As part of their visit, they wanted to do a quick engagement session with us. On the day of the photo shoot, I picked them up at the Gansevoort Resort early in the morning and we made our way to Blue Hills.

During the shoot, we stopped at some of our favorite spots like da Conch Shack, an old dock and the colorful kids park.

Here are a few images from their shoot….



engagement session in Blue Hills

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Chulo, the famous Turks & Caicos french bulldog

A few weeks ago we did a photo shoot with Avril and her French bulldog Chulo. We only showed everybody a preview of this shoot but here are some more images of this incredible dog and his owner. Avril lives here in the Turks & Caicos and  her parents own Sunshine Nursery – they were all so accommodating in helping us with this unique shoot. So if you have pets yourself, we invite you to bring them along to our photo shoots. They add so much fun to our shoots and, after all, they are part of your family. We were extremely spoiled having Chulo as our model because he is just the best – he can ride a surfboard and just loves the water. He even has his own life jacket. Chulo will not make the dog Olympics for swimming but he goes in our books as Turks and Caicos next top dog model. Avril, we know it is your birthday tomorrow so our blog post is just in time. Happy birthday!!

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