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Turks and Caicos elopement ceremony

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Sometimes simplicity works best. Zahiah and Alladdine, a laid-back and adventurous couple from California, had two goals in January: get certified to scuba dive, and get married in a Turks and Caicos elopement ceremony.

After spending a couple of days getting certified with Dive Provo in Providenciales, Zahiah and Alladdine got married at the Royal West Indies. The couple knew one thing for sure: they wanted underwater photos, so they planned their wedding early so they could get underwater photos after. Teresa Brunner from Tropical Destination Management made sure their ceremony was exactly what they envisioned: a quiet, private ceremony for just the two of them.

After their ceremony, we went straight to da Conch Shack in Blue Hills for photos with the rustic, pastel buildings. We then headed down to Malcolm Beach to take some underwater photos, but the water was too rough to get in. Zahiah and Alladdine went with the flow, and it all worked out anyway — the waves breaking over the iron shore proved to be just as stunning as any underwater photos.

Zahiah and Alladdine were one of the most relaxed couples I’ve ever worked with — and they had some fun photo ideas too. A few days after their wedding, we went out for another photo session, but more on that later!

In the meantime, here’s a peek of Zahiah and Alladdine’s wedding day.

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