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An underwater trash the dress shoot

Turksandcaicos 5090

I love photographing weddings and families portraits but the “trash” the dress shoot is one of my favorites, especially when we get the change to do underwater photos.

Ewelina and her husband Chris got married at the Seven Stars Resort and they decided to use our services for the “trash” the wedding dress shoot a few days after their wedding.

For the first part of the session we drove early morning to Leeward Beach to get some images with white sand and beautiful turquoise waters that makes the Turks & Caicos so popular.  For the second part we drove to Blue Hills to capture some images at the Conch Shark Restaurant and the old dock.

Smith’s Reef was our final destination for the underwater “trash” the dress. Here are a few images from their photo shoot….

Turksandcaicos_5075 Turksandcaicos_5076 Turksandcaicos_5077 Turksandcaicos_5078 Turksandcaicos_5079 Turksandcaicos_5080 Turksandcaicos_5081 Turksandcaicos_5082 Turksandcaicos_5083 Turksandcaicos_5084 Turksandcaicos_5085 Turksandcaicos_5086 Turksandcaicos_5087 Turksandcaicos_5088 Turksandcaicos_5089 Turksandcaicos_5090 Turksandcaicos_5091 Turksandcaicos_5092 Turksandcaicos_5093 Turksandcaicos_5094 Turksandcaicos_5096