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Big destination wedding in the Turks & Caicos

Turksandcaicos 3773

After photographing a fun boat trip and a night party at Somewhere restaurant it was time to capture Ashley and Michael’s big destination wedding.

The first time I met Ashely and Michael was a few months back while they were on the island for a few days looking at all the possible vendors and resorts for their upcoming destination wedding in May.

It took lots of planning and organization for this big wedding of over 110 guests, who came from all over the United States to celebrate with the bride and groom and their family members. The special day was May 17th at the beautiful Gansevoort resort, Turks & Caicos.

Teresa and her team from Tropical DMC did a great job planning and coordinating this big event plus all the beautiful decorations making it a very special destination wedding.

Here are a few images from the wedding day….



Turksandcaicos_3752 Turksandcaicos_3753 Turksandcaicos_3754 Turksandcaicos_3755



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Turksandcaicoswedding_004 Turksandcaicoswedding