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Destination wedding at the Sands resort

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Many congratulations to a wonderful couple, Lisa and Kevin, who celebrated their destination wedding at the Sands resort with both their families and plenty of very close friends.

Lisa and Kevin wanted to have a fun and relaxed wedding, and Grace Bay beach was the perfect spot to celebrate their union. Unfortunately we had some rain during the ceremony, but this didn’t stop the bride and groom and their wedding guests from having an awesome time. We had some soaking wet guests by the end of the ceremony, but everyone was laughing and just happy to be part of Lisa and Kevin’s beautiful wedding.

The wedding reception took place at the beach just a few yards away from their resort were Kissing Fish catering made sure that everyone had a great time and some great food too. Dancing on bare feet under the stars with a bonfire was the perfect ending for their long planned destination wedding in the Turks & Caicos.

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