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First destination wedding on South Caicos

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We were delighted to find out that Brilliant Studios was going to be photographing the first destination wedding on a small uninhabited island called Long Cay, just a short distance from South Caicos.

After a very short flight from Providenciales, we arrived in South Caicos and met with the Bride and Groom, Rachel and Markus, at the East Bay Resort. This beautiful resort has not long been open and is located on a stunning stretch of beach. While Marcus and his two young sons got ready together, Rachel got ready with her sister. This was a small destination wedding with just seven guests including Marcus’ parents who came all the way from Germany.

Another first for us, as well for Rachel and Markus and their guests, was being taken to the ceremony on Long Cay by hovercraft! The smooth ride dropped us in no time straight onto the sand – we didn’t even get our feet wet. The wedding ceremony actually took place on a small cliff with stunning views of the shallow banks on one side and the deeper water of the Atlantic on the other.

After the beautiful ceremony with a local minister we had time to take photos around the Cay where we could have spent an entire day as there were so many cool spots! We had the perfect contrast of shallow and deep water with rocky terrain on one side and white sand on the other. This perfect background is not as easy to come by on Provo so we made the most of it by taking lots of pictures.

We returned by hovercraft to the East Bay resort where we took more photographs on the beach before everyone headed back to their rooms to freshen up. As the sun was setting we took some great pictures of the bride and groom and the kids before meeting the rest of the party at a private gazebo for a very relaxed wedding reception.

Many thanks to: East Bay Resort. Wedding planner: Audra  Simmons. Officiant: Pastor John Malcolm. Hovercraft operated by Cherif Benchalal. Airline used from Providenciales to South Caicos: inter Caribbean Airways.

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