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Fun destination wedding at The Seven Stars Resort

Turksandcaicos 4193

The first time Anita and I met with Angie and Christopher was a few months before their wedding day.  After a short meeting to talk about their wedding plans, we knew this was going to be a fun wedding to capture.

As part of their wedding week we got to capture a beach bonfire, beach barbecue and the big wedding day on December 13th.  For the wedding week, they chose the beautiful Seven Stars resort located in the heart of Grace Bay.

Before the start of the ceremony Angie and Christopher planned to have a private ‘first look’ at the resort garden, something that Anita and I love to photograph. After a short ceremony at Grace Bay beach everyone moved to the cocktail party. It was the start of a long fun night with lots of dancing and a photo booth, which created some funny moments.

Here are just a few images from their wedding day…..


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