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The wedding of Melissa & Chris at Grace Bay Club

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Choosing the right island and resort to celebrate your destination wedding can be a hard task, especially with so many beautiful places to choose from.

Melissa and Chris came to the Turks & Caicos a few months ago looking for that perfect place and they found it. They fell in love with our beautiful islands surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters.

After visiting a few resorts around the island of Providenciales, they finally decided that Grace Bay Club resort was the one for them.

On November 16th Melissa and Chris got married on Grace Bay beach under an incredible wedding arch made of drift wood, covered with beautiful tropical flowers.

The cocktail party and dinner took place back at the Grace Bay Club where family and friends enjoyed a spectacular evening.

Lynne and Mary from Nila Destinations were the event planners that made sure that Melissa and Chris had their perfect destination wedding. Here are some images from their special day.

Turksandcaicoswedding_3185 Turksandcaicoswedding_3186 Urksandcaicoswedding_3187 Urksandcaicoswedding_3188 Urksandcaicoswedding_3190 Turksandcaicoswedding_3191 Gracebayclubwedding_3192 Gracebayclubwedding_3193 Gracebayclubwedding_3194 Gracebayclubwedding_3195 Gracebayclubwedding_3196 Turksandcaicos_3197 Turksandcaicos_3198 Turksandcaicos_3199 Turksandcaicos_3200 Turksandcaicos_3201 Turksandcaicos_3202 Turksandcaicos_3203 Turksandcaicos_3204 Turksandcaicos_3205 Turksandcaicos_3206 Turksandcaicos_3207 Gracebayclubweddings_3208 Turksandcaicos_3209 Turksandcaicos_3210 Turksandcaicos_3211 Gracebayclubwedding_3213 Turksandcaicos_3214 Turksandcaicos_3215 Turksandcaicos_3216 Turksandcaicos_3217 Gracebayclubwedding_3218

Gracebayclubwedding_3220 Gracebayclubwedding_3219 Gracebayclubwedding_3221 Gracebayclubwedding_3222Gracebayclubwedding_3229 Tgracebayclubwedding_3223 Gracebayclubwedding_3224 Gracebayclubwedding_3226 Gracebayclubwedding_3227 Gracebayclubwedding_3228