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Grace & William’s wedding at the Seven Stars

Turksandcaicos 4849

A few weeks ago I was very fortunate to photograph the beautiful destination wedding of Grace and William at the Seven Stars Resort.

Grace and William came to Turks & Caicos a few months back to check the island for the possibility to celebrate their destination wedding here. After looking to a few other Caribbean Islands they decided that Providenciales was the perfect place, plus Grace Bay was even more especial as the name of the bride is Grace.

Their Wedding ceremony took place on Grace Bay beach under a breath taking driftwood arch,  just a few feet away from the very calm turquoise waters these islands have to offer.

Grace and William and their seventeen guest enjoyed of the wedding reception on the Seven Stars beach deck.

Many thanks to:  Wedding planner Teresa Brunner from Tropical Destination Management. DJ William John. Flowers by Environmental Arts.

Officiant Pastor Howell. Location for ceremony and reception: The Seven Stars Resort.

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