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Kit & Tony’s wedding at the Gansevoort Resort

Turksandcaicos 4760

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure to photograph one of my favorite weddings of the year with a great fun couple at the Gansevoort Resort.

After my first meeting with Kit and Tony a few days before their wedding day I knew that it was going to blast of a destination wedding to capture. Bride and groom had planned lots of fun things to do during their special day.

Kit and Tony chose the beautiful Resort of the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos for their wedding and their ceremony took place at Grace Bay beach. Cocktail party and reception took place at the resort beach deck.

Once it got dark we did some awesome night photos with sparklers and because it was almost a full moon, we were able to capture some beautiful images with Kit and Tony and their wedding arch.

Here are a few images from their wedding day…..


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