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one of the best weddings of this year at the Gansevoort

Turksandcaicos 5014

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing one of the best weddings of this year. It was a very small wedding with only ten guests but the decorations and after party were as good as any big weddings I have photographed.

At one point Ariana and Krys were thinking about having their destination wedding in Jamaica or Bora Bora. However, the final decision came down to the photography. They were so impressed with our images that they chose the Turks & Caicos Islands not only for their wedding but also their Honeymoon 🙂

Their wedding took place on October 10th on Grace Bay and the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos was the chosen resort. Picture this…a beautiful ceremony under a driftwood arch, a cocktail party at the resort’s penthouse and a stunning beach set up for the reception. These are a few of many great parts that made up a spectacular day. A spectacular day that ended with a firework celebration on the beach.
Many thanks to:  Wedding planner Teresa Brunner from Tropical Destination Management.. Flowers by Environmental Arts.  Hair & Makeup: Sheque Perfection

Officiant : Pastor Padmore. Location for ceremony and reception:  Gansevoort Turks & Caicos.
Here are a few images from Ariana and Krys’s wedding day….

Turksandcaicos_4971 Turksandcaicos_4972 Turksandcaicos_4973 Turksandcaicos_4974 Turksandcaicos_4975 Turksandcaicos_4976 Turksandcaicos_4977 Turksandcaicos_4978 Turksandcaicos_4979 Turksandcaicos_4981 Turksandcaicos_4982 Turksandcaicos_4983 Turksandcaicos_4985 Turksandcaicos_4986 Turksandcaicos_4987 Turksandcaicos_4988 Turksandcaicos_4989 Turksandcaicos_4990 Turksandcaicos_4991 Turksandcaicos_4992 Turksandcaicos_4993 Turksandcaicos_4994 Turksandcaicos_4995 Turksandcaicos_4996 Turksandcaicos_4997 Turksandcaicos_4998 Turksandcaicos_4999 Turksandcaicos_5000 Turksandcaicos_5001 Turksandcaicos_5002 Turksandcaicos_5004 Turksandcaicos_5005 Turksandcaicos_5006 Turksandcaicos_5007 Turksandcaicos_5008 Turksandcaicos_5009 Turksandcaicos_5010 Turksandcaicos_5011 Turksandcaicos_5013 Turksandcaicos_5014 Turksandcaicos_5015 Turksandcaicos_5017 Turksandcaicos_5019 Turksandcaicos_5020 Turksandcaicos_5021