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Yiding & Ben’s wedding at the Regent Palms

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The Regent Palms is one of my favorite resorts in Grace Bay to capture weddings. It’s beautiful architecture and lush gardens makes it a great location for photography.

Yiding and Ben fell in love with the Regent Palms and decided that this resort and the Turks & Caicos Islands were the perfect combination for their destination wedding.

Their wedding ceremony took place on Grace Bay Beach on November 24th.  After a lot of planning and waiting for this day it was finally here.

Yiding and Ben had family and friends coming from a long way to celebrate with them, they even had guests all the way from China.

Their wedding reception took place on the lower pool deck of the Regent Palms. This is a beautiful spot with a big dance floor that got a lot of use that night as everyone ended the day having a blast!

Lynn from Nila Destinations was the wedding planner for this very special occasion.

Here are some images from their wedding…..



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