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The wedding of Aleksa & Mark Miller on Grace Bay

Turksandcaicoswedding 0018

About two weeks ago I had the great opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding at the end of Grace Bay beach.

After our first meeting with Aleksa and her mum Colleen at Villa Byculla, we knew this was going to be a fun wedding to capture. In addition to the regular photographs to be taken on the day, this bride and groom wanted to do some photos around the island and this is something that we really love doing.

On the wedding day Aleksa and Mark did a first look at their villa and then we drove to one of our favorite beaches on Provo, Leeward beach, to capture some of the amazing turquoise ocean colors.

Blue Hills was our second stop where we did some images around some of the older buildings and colorful sailboats that can be found in this area.

After some driving around the island it was time to get back to Grace Bay where their wedding ceremony began.

The wedding reception took place on the beach near Hemingway’s Restaurant. It was the perfect ending for Aleksa and Mark’s destination wedding.

Here are just a few images from their wedding day….


Wedding Planner: Keisha Delancy from Destination TCI.  Hair and makeup : Geraldine and Ann from Maxime le Salon/Beauty and the Beach .

Turksandcaicoswedding_0002 Turksandcaicoswedding_0003 Turksandcaicoswedding_0004 Turksandcaicoswedding_0005 Turksandcaicoswedding_0006 Turksandcaicoswedding_0007 Turksandcaicoswedding_0008 Turksandcaicoswedding_0009 Turksandcaicoswedding_0010 Turksandcaicoswedding_0011 Turksandcaicoswedding_0012 Turksandcaicoswedding_0013 Turksandcaicoswedding_0014 Turksandcaicoswedding_0015 Turksandcaicoswedding_0016 Turksandcaicoswedding_0017 Turksandcaicoswedding_0018 Turksandcaicoswedding_0019 Turksandcaicoswedding_0020 Turksandcaicoswedding_0021 Turksandcaicoswedding_0022Turksandcaicoswedding_0001 Turksandcaicoswedding_0023 Turksandcaicoswedding_0024 Turksandcaicoswedding_0025 Turksandcaicoswedding_0026 Turksandcaicoswedding_0027 Turksandcaicoswedding_0028 Turksandcaicoswedding_0029 Turksandcaicoswedding_0030 Turksandcaicoswedding_0031 Turksandcaicoswedding_0032 Turksandcaicoswedding_0033 Turksandcaicoswedding_0034 Turksandcaicoswedding_0035 Turksandcaicoswedding_0036 Turksandcaicoswedding_0037 Turksandcaicoswedding_0038