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The wedding of Kelly & Eric at the Sands Resort

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The first time I met with Kelly and Eric was actually a few months before they decided on having their wedding at the Sands Resort. They met with a few of the wedding vendors on island and were very excited to begin planning for the big event. They couldn’t wait for their coming  destination wedding in August 2015.

Just a few months later we met again but this time it was for the big day. Kelly and Eric got ready at the Sands Resort where we did a few photos in the rooms and around the gardens.

The wedding ceremony took place on the beautiful Grace Bay beach, where the happy couple were joined by just over sixty of their best friends and close family members.

The Wedding Reception took place in the sand under a tent on the beach only a few steps away from the island’s beautiful waters. It was just the start of a long awaited celebration and the perfect ending for Kelly and Eric’s wedding day.

Wedding Planner: Lidra from the Sands Resort. Location: The Sands Resort at Grace Bay. Flowers : Environmental Arts

Catering :  Kissing Fish Catering & Co.



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