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Turks & Caicos as the place for their destination wedding

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Mark and Anna were engaged here in the islands last year, so it wasn’t hard to choose the Turks & Caicos as the place for their destination wedding this past January.

Before their ceremony at the Sands resort, Mark and Anna decided to do something a little different. Rather than getting photos of the two getting ready, they opted to have a “first look” photo shoot.

Once they were dressed in their wedding attire, Mark and Anna went back to the place where got engaged – Pelican Beach in Leeward. There, they got to see each other for the first time before their ceremony and share a quiet, private moment before the festivities would begin.

Anna’s sister couldn’t be at the wedding, so her brother was on double-duty – he played not only groomsman, but bridesmaid as well. After the ceremony, Mark and Anna had their reception at Hemingway’s restaurant. They ended the night the right way for a January night in the Caribbean – a bonfire on the beach.

Many congratulations to Mark and Anna – it was a pleasure sharing your wedding day with you!


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