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Turks and Caicos most exclusive wedding

Turksandcaicoswedding 0062

Brilliant Studios has been photographing weddings here for the last twenty years and we are proud to have now photographed Turks and Caicos most exclusive wedding yet. Anita and I first met with Robin Lathrop the owner of ByRobin, Inc an Event Management Company who specializes in logistically challenging events all over the world, Lindsey and Cody and Lindsey’s mother a couple of months prior to discuss the plans for their big day. It didn’t take long for us to realize that this was going to be a spectacular wedding. With over two hundred guests and activities that were planned to take place over three days, it was going to take three photographers and a team of videographers to capture this wedding extravaganza of the year! And where would be the perfect venue to hold such an exclusive wedding event? The Gansevoort, Turks and Caicos. To achieve Robin Lathrop’s vision her team needed to bring in containers including such things as lighting, sound, video and specialty decor that could not be sourced here on the island. Over fifty work permits were arranged for her team of specialist brought in to set up and execute the events.  In addition, she brought two bands to perform at the wedding and the beach party. Extra catering staff on island were employed by the Gansevoort to ensure that Lindsey and Cody and their wedding guests had every need attended to. One of the most incredible things about this whole wedding, for me, was where the ceremony and wedding reception took place… The ByRobin team custom built a platform over the resort swimming pool. The flowers, the decorations, the music, the lighting, the food and, of course, the bride and groom and their families made this a beautiful and impressive event. An event that we, here at Brilliant Studios, were extremely proud to have been chosen to capture. Location Wedding: Gansevoort Resort Turks and Caicos. Event Management Company ByRobin, Inc.  A big Thanks to Chrystel  Loyer from Chrystallize photography for all her assistance. For more information about our wedding photography go to Brilliant Studios 

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