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The wedding of Amber & Cristiano at the Seven Stars

I knew the wedding of Amber and Cristiano was going to be a fun one to photograph when I first met them at the lobby of the Seven Stars resort. A great couple – Amber is from America, Cristiano is from Italy and they now live together in Brazil and met whilst both working for the same company.

Amber and Cristiano wanted to have a fun and relaxed beach wedding and the Turks & Caicos Islands was the perfect location . They had wedding guests coming all the way from Italy, Brazil and the USA!

On October 12th about an hour before sunset Amber and Cristiano had a beautiful beach ceremony just a few feet away from the calm waters of Grace Bay.

Their wedding reception took place at the Seven Stars west deck where everyone enjoyed a great evening under the stars with some entertainment from some of their italian guests!

A big thank you to Laura, the Seven Stars wedding planner, for doing such a great job.
Here are a few images from the day….


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turksandcaicos_3019 turksandcaicos_3020 turksandcaicos_3022 turksandcaicos_3023 turksandcaicos_3024 turksandcaicos_3025 turksandcaicos_3026 turksandcaicos_3027 turksandcaicos_3028 turksandcaicos_3029 turksandcaicos_3030 turksandcaicos_3031 turksandcaicos_3032 turksandcaicos_3033 turksandcaicos_3034 turksandcaicos_3035 turksandcaicos_3036 turksandcaicos_3037 turksandcaicos_3038 turksandcaicos_3039 turksandcaicos_3040 turksandcaicos_3041 turksandcaicos_3042 turksandcaicos_3043 turksandcaicos_3044 turksandcaicos_3045 turksandcaicos_3046 turksandcaicos_3047 turksandcaicos_3048 turksandcaicos_3049 turksandcaicos_3050 turksandcaicos_3051 turksandcaicos_3052 turksandcaicos_3053 turksandcaicos_3054turksandcaicos_3059 turksandcaicos_3055

I beautiful view of Grace Bay beach at night

turksandcaicos_3056 turksandcaicos_3058turksandcaicos_3057