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Liz & Chris’s wedding at West Bay Club

Turksandcaicosweddings 042

Liz and Chris always wanted to do a destination wedding. After searching around a few different islands, they found the perfect destination – the Turks & Caicos Islands. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding at West Bay Club.

Now managed by the Grace Bay Club, West Bay Club is located at the quieter end of Grace Bay, making it the perfect location for a beach wedding.

So at just a stone’s throw from the resort, Liz and Chris celebrated their marriage ceremony on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches and following a few cocktails at the beach bar, they moved back into the resort for the wedding reception.
It was a fun night with great people and lots of dancing and laughter. At the end of the evening, everyone moved back onto the beach to watch a fire dancer performing in the sand.

Here are some images from the session…

Turksandcaicosweddings_001 Turksandcaicosweddings_002 Turksandcaicosweddings_003

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Turksandcaicosweddings_004 Turksandcaicosweddings_005 Turksandcaicosweddings_006 Turksandcaicosweddings_007 Turksandcaicosweddings_008 Turksandcaicosweddings_009 Turksandcaicosweddings_010 Turksandcaicosweddings_011 Turksandcaicosweddings_012 Turksandcaicosweddings_013 Turksandcaicosweddings_014 Turksandcaicosweddings_015 Turksandcaicosweddings_016 Turksandcaicosweddings_017 Turksandcaicosweddings_018 Turksandcaicosweddings_019 Turksandcaicosweddings_020 Turksandcaicosweddings_021 Turksandcaicosweddings_022 Turksandcaicosweddings_023 Turksandcaicosweddings_024 Turksandcaicosweddings_025 Turksandcaicosweddings_026 Turksandcaicosweddings_027 Turksandcaicosweddings_028 Turksandcaicosweddings_029 Turksandcaicosweddings_030 Turksandcaicosweddings_031 Turksandcaicosweddings_032 Turksandcaicosweddings_033 Turksandcaicosweddings_034 Turksandcaicosweddings_035 Turksandcaicosweddings_036 Turksandcaicosweddings_037 Turksandcaicosweddings_038 Turksandcaicosweddings_039 Turksandcaicosweddings_040 Turksandcaicosweddings_041 Turksandcaicosweddings_042