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family portraits turks and caicos

Thankful for big families, Somerset Resort

With the Thanksgiving holiday last week we had several lovely families come down to Turks and Caicos in “multigenerational” or big family groups. I don’t particularly like the term “multigenerational”. Sounds too much like “marketing speak”,  to me it’s just a lovely big, regular family. Tim and Paulette were celebrating a wedding anniversary and surrounded by grownup kids and grandkids it was important to capture this special moment. But how do you get pictures of ten people in just under an hour? Also none of the pictures below have had any “photoshop work” done on them…zero…Read More »Thankful for big families, Somerset Resort

Time for a beach portrait in Turks and Caicos

Kelly and Dion were married in Turks and Caicos in 2008 and I helped them with their wedding. It actually feels like a couple of years ago not seven ! It was wonderful to get an email from Kelly asking to have a beach portrait shoot whilst they were visiting this summer. We organized it all and I popped over to their villa to get a few pictures and be introduced to the kids (!) before we headed back over to the Grace Bay area for the actual photos. It’s really special to be asked back again and to help capture people’s lives and seeing them evolve through the stages from engagement shoot, to wedding to family pictures. So we did a few “formalish” ones, we hung out, we jumped, ran, dug, smiled, laughed, chased, swung, joked and finally ended up in the water. So great to see the kids jump in and have a blast.Read More »Time for a beach portrait in Turks and Caicos

Mullins family photos and vow renewal

With 17 family members helping to celebrate Lora and Mike’s wedding vow renewal this was always going to be a fun packed photo shoot. The renewal was actually at the Beaches resort in the AM, so with their rules we could not cover the actual event. However we arranged to collect the whole tribe 😉 with both David and myself driving vehicles. We soon had everyone at the lovely Royal West Indies resort for a few garden shots, with both of us helping out. With five individual families there was certainly plenty to do ! Everyone was fantastic and not shy. We did all manner of combinations, individuals and some candid moments of course as well. With sunset fast approaching it was soon time to head off to the beach where the fun continued until the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. Of course with little ones around they can “steal the show”. Do check out the height that Nate (1), gets and also his awesome expressions when sitting in the sand alone…A vows renewal ceremony is a wonderful moment and having so many close family surrounding them and able to join them on this trip to Turks and Caicos is really amazing.
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The Lewis family at the Grandview on Grace Bay

We don’t do many photo shoots at the Grandview on Grace Bay. It’s a low key kinda place, so it was fun to head over there a few days ago to help Stephanie and Roy with a few family pictures during their visit to us here in Turks and Caicos. With girls the same age as my own is was easy to get into the “zone” quickly and have some fun playing around.  Great kids and the time flew by. A lovely evening that turned into a stunning sunset and some seriously cool jumps – some of the best i’ve ever seen.  Cool !
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Island time in Turks and Caicos

We helped Teresa and Paul with a family photo shoot a few years ago and they were back again recently along with a family friend. We helped them with one of our favorite photo shoots – the island escape. This shoot gives us a lot more time to play and allows us to show off some really fun places on Providenciales. We picked them up from Beaches Resort and headed around the island making a few stops in places we like to shoot. We even stopped off at the fun Bugaloo’s for a cocktail or two before heading off to the beach. It was really good to catch up with this great family and hear about what they have been doing and what they have coming up. Luke’s baseball career is certainly going to be one to watch! A great afternoon to sample some real Turks and Caicos island life. relaxed, easy and fun.
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Family fun at Villa Cascade

Villa Cascade on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is a brand new villa. I mean really new! Frank and Melanie and their lovely family were the second only vacationers to rent this stunning villa. Wow! Set on a beautiful hilltop with amazing views of the ocean and Grace Bay in the distance,its a stunning villa designed by our favorite architect Ron Shaw. With  some lovely garden areas and a small but private beach at the bottom of the villa, it was perfect to do the whole shoot right at the villa. We started off with a few easy pictures of all the kids and grandma, so she didn’t have to walk up and down the steps to the beach. The kids aged from 16 to 3 were fabulous and I LOVE the fact that everyone wore what they wanted to wear rather than being in all khaki and white. For me personally it just makes this a fun time and not a “let’s pose” family picture thing. With 6 kids it was quite a challenge to capture everyone and mum and dad and a few candid moments all before the sun set. Time flew by. So great to help this awesome family with a few family pictures. Read More »Family fun at Villa Cascade

Family fun at the Gansevoort Resort, Turks and Caicos

With summertime in full flow here on the island we are getting lots of awesome families visiting the islands. This was our second family shoot with the Poole family.
Fab to catch up and see how fast the girls are growing up. Despite some strong wind and a fairly constant flow of people walking by on their way to the Fish Fry event next door, we had a great time hanging out at the resort and then on the beach.  Just a fun relaxing time.Read More »Family fun at the Gansevoort Resort, Turks and Caicos