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gansevoort turks and caicos

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secret proposals on Grace Bay

It is becoming more popular for guys to contact us, enquiring about secret proposals on Grace Bay beach while they are on vacation with their girlfriend. The first time we heard from Vitaly was a few weeks before coming down to the islands with his girlfriend, Lindsey, to stay at the Gansevvort, Turks and Caicos. The plan for the actual day was that Vitaly was going to take Lindsey for a walk and take photos on the beach about an hour before sunset. Little did Lindsay know that I was already there, waiting for them to walk by to capture the moment where he he got down on one knee and proposed. During the exact moment that Vitaly popped the question and got a resounding ‘yes’, a beautiful double rainbow appeared in the distance. In all the shoots  that we have done like this, I have never had a double rainbow in the backdrop before! And on top of that spectacular moment, they also had a pretty stunning sunset before sitting down to eat at a private beach dinner in front of the Gansevvort.  Here are a few highlights from their shoot.

For more information about our engagement photo shoots please go to Brilliant Studios

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Elopement in Turks and Caicos, Jeanette and Michael.

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of photographing an elopement in Turks and Caicos with Jeanette and Michael Mehall. They both wanted a very laid-back wedding and to have some photos taken around the island before their ceremony.

On April 16th I picked them up at their hotel, The Gansevoort, Turks & Caicos and we went for a very short drive to the beautiful Leeward beach. Blue Hills was our second stop where we did some photos around the older and more colorful buildings you can find there.

We drove back to their hotel around an hour before sunset and from there walked onto Grace Bay beach for ceremony. A beautiful sunset was the perfect ending to their wedding day and also a great backdrop for the final shots.
Here are a few images from their wedding day….

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one of the best weddings of this year at the Gansevoort

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing one of the best weddings of this year. It was a very small wedding with only ten guests but the decorations and after party were as good as any big weddings I have photographed.

At one point Ariana and Krys were thinking about having their destination wedding in Jamaica or Bora Bora. However, the final decision came down to the photography. They were so impressed with our images that they chose the Turks & Caicos Islands not only for their wedding but also their Honeymoon 🙂

Their wedding took place on October 10th on Grace Bay and the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos was the chosen resort. Picture this…a beautiful ceremony under a driftwood arch, a cocktail party at the resort’s penthouse and a stunning beach set up for the reception. These are a few of many great parts that made up a spectacular day. A spectacular day that ended with a firework celebration on the beach.
Many thanks to:  Wedding planner Teresa Brunner from Tropical Destination Management.. Flowers by Environmental Arts.  Hair & Makeup: Sheque Perfection

Officiant : Pastor Padmore. Location for ceremony and reception:  Gansevoort Turks & Caicos.
Here are a few images from Ariana and Krys’s wedding day….

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Kit & Tony’s wedding at the Gansevoort Resort

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure to photograph one of my favorite weddings of the year with a great fun couple at the Gansevoort Resort.

After my first meeting with Kit and Tony a few days before their wedding day I knew that it was going to blast of a destination wedding to capture. Bride and groom had planned lots of fun things to do during their special day.

Kit and Tony chose the beautiful Resort of the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos for their wedding and their ceremony took place at Grace Bay beach. Cocktail party and reception took place at the resort beach deck.

Once it got dark we did some awesome night photos with sparklers and because it was almost a full moon, we were able to capture some beautiful images with Kit and Tony and their wedding arch.

Here are a few images from their wedding day…..

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wedding at the Gansevoort Turks and Caicos

A few weeks ago I had the real pleasure to photograph a beautiful destination wedding at the Gansevoort Turks and Caicos.

Erin and Alex wanted to have a small wedding somewhere in the tropics with beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, and the Turks & Caicos Islands were the perfect location for them.

For their wedding day bride and groom decided to have their ceremony on Grace Bay beach , just next to the Gansevoort resort where they were staying.  After a fifteen minute ceremony and some photos everyone had a very relaxed dinner and cocktails on the beach with the stars and the ocean as an idyllic background

Teresa and her team from Tropical DMC did all the planning and decorations for the ceremony and reception. Here are a few photos from Erin and Alex’s wedding day…..

Destination wedding at the gansevoort turks and caicos

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A colorful engagement session in Blue Hills

Most of the engagement sessions we shoot are normally around the Grace Bay area, but Kyle and Seana wanted do something a little different and more colorful. We decided to do their engagement session in Blue Hills – a quiet, laid-back part of the island that gives visitors a glimpse into what the island was like many years ago.

Seana and Kyle came to the Turks & Caicos for a short site visit to meet with some of the island wedding vendors to help them on for their coming destination wedding in March.

As part of their visit, they wanted to do a quick engagement session with us. On the day of the photo shoot, I picked them up at the Gansevoort Resort early in the morning and we made our way to Blue Hills.

During the shoot, we stopped at some of our favorite spots like da Conch Shack, an old dock and the colorful kids park.

Here are a few images from their shoot….



Engagement session in blue hills

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