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Fab, fun family pictures in turks and caicos.

Creating family pictures in turks and caicos is something I love to do. I love having families that have energy and are happy to run, play, jump, chase, tickle and generally get sandy. My heart drops a little when the khaki and white and manicured hair comes out. Will they even sit in the sand? With Selma and Jules it was full on action and fun as we corralled Eva and Connor. YES!  We started off with replicating a picture that Jules had with his own dad #awesome, then headed to the beach. The water in Turks is so inviting – its like a huge warm bath with clear water and few waves, so no wonder Conner wanted to run head first into the ocean.  I love the smiles, the energy, the distracted looks off camera as this family enjoys everything that they do. Sit still? Why? It’s more interesting over there, let’s go.. If only we could tap into the power source of a 1.5 year old. Tesla would be out of business!
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A vibrant morning wedding at the Sands Resort grace bay.

A morning wedding at the Sands Resort grace bay was the perfect opportunity to create some vibrant, colourful tropical pictures. With most of our weddings occurring an hour or so before sunset I always love the chance to mix things up. The light is so phenomenal and the colours are hard to believe. The earlier than normal start was not an issue for Jennifer and Tim and their guests, especially with mom having been awake ” most of the night” with excitement. Coffee, snacks and a few “shots” for the boys all helped fuel the morning festivities. The Sands Resort did another fabulous job on the beach and after a small, intimate wedding it was soon time for everyone to head of for an afternoon of sailing. What a great way to spend your wedding day !

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Honeymoon pictures in Turks and Caicos

It’s honeymoon time in Turks and Caicos. With weddings kicking off with the warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere we’ve had the plrasure of a few couples visiting us here in Turks and Caicos for their honeymoon. Fab ! Suzanne and Ben’s Honeymoon pictures was a fun, low key  photo shoot. I picked them up from the Aquamarine Beach Houses and we moved around the island with this relaxed couple, chatting about the island and more. A couple of outfit changes, a few new locations and some favourites and we soon found ourselves on a secluded beach waiting for the sun to slowly dip and make it’s way to the horizon. A fab way to spend a couple of hours and a great reminder of a lovely and special stay in Turks and Caicos.Read More »Honeymoon pictures in Turks and Caicos

A bohemian beach wedding with style and fun!

This was one of my favourite weddings I have ever photographed.  First off, I  love the bohemian vibe and style. It fits perfectly with what Turks and Caicos is all about IMHO. It’s not south beach, it’s not Florida or old school Caribbean. Charli and Jamie’s wedding had so many amazing things going for it. True a drop dead gorgeous bride and groom that could hold his won next to her, but that wasn’t the clincher. The dress – another wow – by Daughters of Simone. They also wanted the wedding to be early in the morning or around 10am which meant “POW” , knock your socks off color, vibrant blue ocean and vivi blue skies.  Again awesome, different and challenging. A big plus was that they love pictures and wanted loads of them. We had Stacie along as a combo wedding  and photo stylist and had a good solid couple of hours after the wedding to play, shoot, run, jump and capture some fun pictures with just the two of them. Add all the above up and it was already hitting the ball out of the park. But what really made it perfection was Charli and Jamie themselves.  They went for it. They laughed, played, grabbed each other and fooled around. Never forced or fake, just fun and it shows….

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Celebrating a 1st Birthday on the beach.

Pinali contacted us and wanted a few fun pictures with family and friends to help celebrate her son’s first birthday. Wow. What a great place to celebrate your first birthday at the Villa Renaissance in Turks and Caicos! The trip also combined an engagement/ wedding planning for her sister so with the other couples in tow we used the lovely resort and of course the beach to capture some 1st birthday moments. A cool breeze kept things relaxed although a little windswept at times, but that’s whats being on the beach in Turks and Caicos is all about! Read More »Celebrating a 1st Birthday on the beach.

Fabulous family boat trip in turks and caicos

I had a great weekend helping Suzanne and Paul with our signature Castaway Boat shoot. This is a fabulous family boat trip in turks and caicos where you have your very own private boat to go wherever you want.  What a great way to spend the afternoon !! Plus it was also another “repeat” shoot with this lovely family which just makes everything that much easier and fun. We cruised along the islands, found a great beach spot, hung out with some local rock iguanas before then heading out to a cool reef spot for some underwater pictures and snorkelling. A little rum punch on the way back sealed the deal ! We even had time for a “selfie”Read More »Fabulous family boat trip in turks and caicos