photographer in turks and caicos

A little romance early in the morning.

It’s been a busy few weeks this summer. So much so that we could only do a photo shoot for Sanjana and Moin on early Sunday morning rather than the more usual late evening and sunset time slot. Did it matter? I think not, in fact shooting early in the AM is actually a lot of fun. First there are less people around the resort and on the beach. People only really started to walk on the beach right at the very end of our shoot. Secondly, the light here in Turks and Caicos is so amazing and shooting in the AM allowed us to play with it. Third and not least – the knocks your socks off color of the water… never gets old.  Yes we were limited in the shots we could do on the beach due to a little squinting etc but the blue is just fantastic. LOVE these pictures. This was Sanjana and Moin’s first trip to Turks and Caicos. they had a great time staying at the Seven Stars resort. I have a feeling this will not be their last visit 😉
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Mullins family photos and vow renewal

With 17 family members helping to celebrate Lora and Mike’s wedding vow renewal this was always going to be a fun packed photo shoot. The renewal was actually at the Beaches resort in the AM, so with their rules we could not cover the actual event. However we arranged to collect the whole tribe 😉 with both David and myself driving vehicles. We soon had everyone at the lovely Royal West Indies resort for a few garden shots, with both of us helping out. With five individual families there was certainly plenty to do ! Everyone was fantastic and not shy. We did all manner of combinations, individuals and some candid moments of course as well. With sunset fast approaching it was soon time to head off to the beach where the fun continued until the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. Of course with little ones around they can “steal the show”. Do check out the height that Nate (1), gets and also his awesome expressions when sitting in the sand alone…A vows renewal ceremony is a wonderful moment and having so many close family surrounding them and able to join them on this trip to Turks and Caicos is really amazing.
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Magical proposal on Grace Bay beach

As well as a busy week at the studio we are also having quite a romantic week! A couple of days ago we helped Steve pop the question to Jaclyn. After a few telephone calls with Steve we set up a plan involving a walk along the beach close to the Gansevoort Resort with me hiding/lurking ready with a camera. Jaclyn luckily didn’t suspect a thing and even Steve almost missed seeing me!  After the proposal we did a few pictures before the sun started to disappear  and then gave them a lift to the Grace Bay Club where Steve had made dinner reservations. What a lovely way to spend an evening…a magical proposal on Grace Bay beach.

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Family vacation at Ocean Club Resorts

Helping with a family vacation at Ocean Club Resorts is one of our favorite things to do. The resort itself is quiet, laid back and purposefully promotes itself as a great place to relax and unwind. Old school caribbean rather than breakfast with Elmo and water-slides.  With kids ourselves we understand the attraction of each.. meeting up with the Curry family involved dodging the rain showers as it was literally pouring with rain minutes before we agreed meet up time. Families and brides often ask us about the weather. Well, its hard to predict when it can change so quickly. With rain drops still dripping from branches we were greeted to an amazing blue sky and a fab sunset. After a few formal groups and so on in the garden we headed to the beach for more relaxed, candid moments. Wow, what a great family. Loads of fun. I love the kids running ones but grandpa almost steals the show right at the end with some fun moments..awesome.Read More »Family vacation at Ocean Club Resorts

Family time at Longbay House villa.

It was lovely to help the Babcock family with some quality “Family time” at Longbay House villa this past week.  With  two under the age of three is was vital to keep this low key, fun, whilst still capturing the important groups and combinations. Longbay is a windy spot, that’s the reason why its so popular with the kitesurfing crowd and on this particular day is was almost “howling”.  Refreshing for sure, but not idea for wayward hair !  Despite this we had a lovely time. Edwin (3) was chatting away asking questions and keeping everyone in place as well as pulling some great expressions. Marceline was cute beyond words and even the adults were co-operative too 😉 With life hurtling past us all as fast as that spacecraft is going to Pluto currently, its wonderful to be able to pause and capture fun times like these.

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Sherrill & Clive’s Wedding at Seven Stars Resort

Sherrill & Clive’s Wedding at Seven Stars Resort was just one of those weddings that simply a joy to be involved with.. A lovely couple  – he is a brit so that was a good start !!, combined with a picture perfect day, a gorgeous resort in the Seven Stars Resort with its fabulous wedding set up of the beach and its oceanfront deck, Teresa from Tropical DMC keeping everyone happy, on time and organized, Ann and Geraldine from Beauty & the Beach. It’s hard to pin down one element that made this wedding so great. There were simply lots of small moments that were fab. The kids hanging out with us before the wedding, having cocktails before the ceremony, the impromptu arch friends made as Clive and Sherrill walked down to the beach, the seven stars waiter looking after the kids during the cocktails, the dramatic sunset and sky during the reception. It was fun and we hope the pictures tell that story. Many congrats to Sherrill & Clive.

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A baby and Engagement beach escape !

Jayne, Alex, Gina and Carlo all love to travel together. With a new toddler/ baby in the mix and now also Jayne and Alex getting engaged, abeach escape photo shoot was a great way to catch some “first steps” and engagement pictures. So with a couple of cocktails in hand we headed off for our classic beach escape. With the trade winds blowing we found a couple of sheltered spots before going to some of our fav locations and then ending up at Sapodilla Bay for a classic sunset setting almost right over the water. It’s also a lot less windy on the south-side of the island – so that helped a lot with hair ! It was quite a challenge to switch from engagement mode to baby mode back and forth and I was concerned that I might loose any rapport built up…but we kept things loose and easy going and managed to capture some great moments and pictures.  Be sure to checkout the last sunset shot – WOW!!Read More »A baby and Engagement beach escape !