Andy Mann

Honeymooners in Paradise

It’s always fun to meet couples that literally “got married last Saturday”. They are always still slightly “shell shocked” from all the last minute preparations leading up to the wedding, the day itself and then getting ready to fly off on honeymoon. It’s intense, it’s busy, its a whirlwind, so by the time we meet them a few days later they are blissfully happy and enjoying the afterglow of such a wonderful memory and moment. Plus who isn’t happy on their honeymoon!!  Read More »Honeymooners in Paradise

ttd shoot

Day after the wedding or “TTD” shoot.

This year we’ve seen a rise in the number of brides that have asked us to help them with “day after” or Trash the dress” shoots. Now for clarification, a trash the dress (TTD) shoot doesn’t mean that every bride has to destroy her dress in these fun shoots. we are quite happy if just the bottom gets a little sandy – no pressure from us, but with such amazing water (plus it’s warm!) we do find lots of couple’s making the plunge!Read More »Day after the wedding or “TTD” shoot.

Megan and Jon’s fun wedding at Beaches Resort & Spa.

Even though we’ve helped with hundreds weddings at Beaches Resort & Spa over the years every wedding is different and unique. It’s easy to say that all weddings follow the same pattern, have similar moments and at popular resorts they use the same locations, same ceremony areas, same ministers saying the same vows as last week. Boring right? Well no ! Especially when you have couples like Megan and Jon, with a wild and fun loving group of friends and family who are delighted to help them celebrate this special day.

A wedding at Beahces can happen at any time of day, unlike at other resorts where they only have one a day and tend to have them 90 minutes before sunset or so. Whilst a ceremony at 1pm is hot, hot, hot and has very unforgiving light (for photography), it also means, vivid colours, colourful backdrops and stunning blue water.

Read More »Megan and Jon’s fun wedding at Beaches Resort & Spa.

Grandkids and great grandkids – a villa vacation full of fun.

We have the pleasure of helping families when they are at their most relaxed, surrounded by family and all whilst enjoying one of the most beautiful place in the Caribbean. A villa vacation is perfect for multigenerational families and we love the relaxed atmosphere and ability to go anywhere and use anything at the villa for the family shoot.  The Duffey family were staying at the very lovely Villa Mirabelle – which is a  favourite of ours with its location right on the sandy beach at Sapodilla Bay.Read More »Grandkids and great grandkids – a villa vacation full of fun.

Four years after the wedding and back for family photography.

Four years after their wedding, Richard and Angela returned recently for a lovely family photography shoot at Villa Renaissance TCI. It’s a blast to catch up with couples and meet the new addition(s) to the family. Lucy (2) was amazing, a real ball of energy who didn’t stop running for the whole shoot. With another addition on the way it’s going to be an even busier time soon  and we hope they can pop down again for some more fun on the beach. A few pictures from their wedding in 2010 before we see the recent shoot.Read More »Four years after the wedding and back for family photography.

10 years of happiness – a turks and caicos wedding anniversary.

Wow – it feels like only yesterday that I was standing on the beach with Adriana and Matt as they celebrated their turks and caicos wedding but this past weekend we helped them celebrate ten years together ! With a special group of friends around them it was a fun, simple beach renewal and BBQ on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This was a wonderful celebration for us as well  as we’ve helped this close group of friends with three weddings, a maternity shoot and several family portraits over the last decade and more…Read More »10 years of happiness – a turks and caicos wedding anniversary.

A rocking seven stars resort wedding

From the moment we met Heather it was clear that she was going to “rock” her seven stars resort wedding. Full of energy and life  and a passion for photography she was so much fun to be with and to co-create the pictures you see below. I cannot take credit for the pictures as so much of what you see is Heather. In many ways my job on her wedding day was to stay out of the way and let her love and personality shine through.Read More »A rocking seven stars resort wedding