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Family time at Longbay House villa.

It was lovely to help the Babcock family with some quality “Family time” at Longbay House villa this past week.  With  two under the age of three is was vital to keep this low key, fun, whilst still capturing the important groups and combinations. Longbay is a windy spot, that’s the reason why its so popular with the kitesurfing crowd and on this particular day is was almost “howling”.  Refreshing for sure, but not idea for wayward hair !  Despite this we had a lovely time. Edwin (3) was chatting away asking questions and keeping everyone in place as well as pulling some great expressions. Marceline was cute beyond words and even the adults were co-operative too 😉 With life hurtling past us all as fast as that spacecraft is going to Pluto currently, its wonderful to be able to pause and capture fun times like these.

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An island farewell.

One of the harder parts of “island life” is the constant flow of people on and off the island. Hotel contracts, projects all start and then end. “Mr Toby” and “Miss Hellen” have been a fabulous teachers at Provo Primary for several years now and have both been mainstays of island life. They are now heading back to the UK with a promotion (Head Teacher for Toby) and new challenges for sure, but it was great to be asked by the school to help them capture a few last minute beach family moments before they left. Being asked to do these kinds of shoots is rewarding to us in its own right, but helping this lovely family was always going to be fun. Owen started off a little grumpy and not so sure of the beach and sand, but within a few minutes was chasing dogs down the beach, building rock towers and having a ball on dad’s shoulders. The island is lesser place for their leaving, but we wish them all the very best back in the cold and soon to be chilly north 😉 I am sure they will be back to visit !

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Sherrill & Clive’s Wedding at Seven Stars Resort

Sherrill & Clive’s Wedding at Seven Stars Resort was just one of those weddings that simply a joy to be involved with.. A lovely couple  – he is a brit so that was a good start !!, combined with a picture perfect day, a gorgeous resort in the Seven Stars Resort with its fabulous wedding set up of the beach and its oceanfront deck, Teresa from Tropical DMC keeping everyone happy, on time and organized, Ann and Geraldine from Beauty & the Beach. It’s hard to pin down one element that made this wedding so great. There were simply lots of small moments that were fab. The kids hanging out with us before the wedding, having cocktails before the ceremony, the impromptu arch friends made as Clive and Sherrill walked down to the beach, the seven stars waiter looking after the kids during the cocktails, the dramatic sunset and sky during the reception. It was fun and we hope the pictures tell that story. Many congrats to Sherrill & Clive.

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The Stropki Family at Ocean Club Resorts.

Well the fourth of July is right around the corner and family summer vacations are now in full swing. The Stropki Family at Ocean Club Resorts was a lovely family photoshoot made even more special in that we did a shoot for them back in 2004  (WOW!) This is also known as “BK”…before kids…a period of time most parents with young children have a hard time remembering. What did I do with all that time “BK”. Catching up with everyone was fun, as well as meeting all the new additions to the family. Really lovely grandkids. So we captured all the various combinations so important to everyone, with individual families, kids alone, grown up kids and of course the grandparents with the grandkids. Whilst making sure we had all those combo’s taken care of we also threw in loads of more playful, fun, candid shots with the kids. Hey even some of the grownups jumped in on a few !! What a great evening.Read More »The Stropki Family at Ocean Club Resorts.

Erin and Tim’s Sands at Grace Bay Wedding

Erin and Tim’s Sands at Grace Bay Wedding was delightful. Its started off the night before  with a relaxed rehearsal diner at the fabulous Coyaba restaurant, one of the top restaurants on the island. The wedding itself was at the  Sands at Grace Bay which is a relaxed, fun resort with a lovely stretch of beach that is perfect for a destination wedding. Shenique was in the room helping Erin and the girls get ready and the ceremony itself was very personalised with a family friend father Sam officiating with Pastor Coleby in attendance. Singing and a bible reading also made it a special event. After quite an extensive flow of family pictures…(hey everybody wants a picture with the bride!!) we had absolutely stunning evening light to play with. Not a radical sunset, but the colours were still perfect. It was then off to Hemmingway’s for the cocktails, reception and dancing the night away. Do check out the cool cousin’s dance…awesome!Read More »Erin and Tim’s Sands at Grace Bay Wedding

family photo shoot in turks and caicos

With summer holidays now in full swing and “kids out for the summer”, it’s wonderful to meet and capture some great family time in turks and caicos for so many families. We met up with David and Kimmy at the Beaches Resort and took them on our classic Island Escape photo shoot. This shoot is one of our favourites and one of our most popular.  With this shoot we have more time for candid, natural moments rather than everything being compressed into an hour before sunset. We have more locations and more opportunities to mix things up and create different pictures. By moving around the island, even taking time for some conch and a rum punch drink everyone relaxes into an “island pace” and those natural smiles are everywhere.  Nolan, Kiana and little Madison were awesome and it was fabulous to be able to create some special pictures of the whole family together in our paradise, Turks and Caicos.

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Family photo shoot at grace bay club

We are entering our peak family photo season for Turks and Caicos as schools in the USA start to have graduations and break for the long summer holiday. Catching up with Jennifer and Andrew and their two boys last week on their first visit to Turks at the Grace Bay Club was a lot of fun. It’s always great to meet people who have never been here before and listen to what they  (love!) about the island.  It’s amazing to me after being here almost 20 years that it’s still the same key ingredients – the beach, the water, the people. The boys clearly loved it. Full of energy as are all 6 and 9 year olds we ran, jumped, played and told bad jokes. We hung out on the beach and waited for the sun to dip down and probably got a little too wet and sandy for the dinner reservation afterwards, but we had a blast! I’ve never seen such cool “high kicks” – these guys were true ninjas!


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