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Kaylie and Sean’s Seven Stars Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to Kaylie and Sean’s wedding for a while now.  Why? Well quite simple really – lovely couple, easy to chat with, great ideas for the wedding with some extra touches, Mary from NILA Destinations coordinating, Anne and Geraldine from Beauty & the Beach , the wedding at Seven Stars Resort  -so a great location, amazing rooms and a “well tuned team” for the F&B side, Ernst from Environmental Arts doing the flowers and setups, Corey Forbes and his band for live music…so LOTS of excellent people and a great team to play with.  Kaylie and Sean also went well out of their way to make sure that everyone – including all those above were well looked after and having a good time. So often the wedding is about “the couple only” (understandably) but their kindness did not go unnoticed by all involved. Rain did play its part in the day with on and off again showers. Luckily as it always seems to in Turks and Caicos it held off at the right moments to allow us a ceremony on the beach. Kaylie’s 100m dash in full wedding dress as the rain storm came rolling towards us along the far end of Grace Bay was spectacular. We made it with seconds to spare. A lovely wedding.Read More »Kaylie and Sean’s Seven Stars Wedding

Wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach

A wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach is not something we do every week or even every month, yet we’ve had a flurry of proposals over the last ten days ! It all starts with a call or email from the (always slightly nervous) groom to be. Locations? Time of day? How will you recognize me? Where shall I do it?  Zack already had 95% of the plan (and a ring 😉  ) so with a little tweaking for the best beach spot and lighting we had a plan. It was a really fabulous evening as Zack and Hayley walked up the beach. Hayley had no idea this was the moment as I mixed/hid with a few late afternoon guests sitting on the beach. I think they were as excited as anyone! – they did after all have front row seats.  Zack walked passed, made sure he had seen me and then dropped to one knee…..perfect. After going over and saying hello and making introductions, we hung out on the beach as the sun slowly got lower and lower in the sky…then I gave them a quick ride to Coco Bistro…perfect !! Many congratulations to you both.Read More »Wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach

Mullins family photos and vow renewal

With 17 family members helping to celebrate Lora and Mike’s wedding vow renewal this was always going to be a fun packed photo shoot. The renewal was actually at the Beaches resort in the AM, so with their rules we could not cover the actual event. However we arranged to collect the whole tribe 😉 with both David and myself driving vehicles. We soon had everyone at the lovely Royal West Indies resort for a few garden shots, with both of us helping out. With five individual families there was certainly plenty to do ! Everyone was fantastic and not shy. We did all manner of combinations, individuals and some candid moments of course as well. With sunset fast approaching it was soon time to head off to the beach where the fun continued until the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. Of course with little ones around they can “steal the show”. Do check out the height that Nate (1), gets and also his awesome expressions when sitting in the sand alone…A vows renewal ceremony is a wonderful moment and having so many close family surrounding them and able to join them on this trip to Turks and Caicos is really amazing.
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Parrot Cay wedding perfection.

A Parrot Cay wedding is something I really look forward to. I make no secret that this gorgeous private island 45 mins by boat from Providenciales is one of my favorite places to photograph. The resort, it’s beach villas, the grounds are all stunning. The clean, white walls of the rooms, the contemporary clean design of the villas and the resort itself all lend themselves to great pictures. I also find the staff beyond compare, helpful, friendly and organized. Plus any place that you have to use a golf cart to get around get’s my vote. Susan and Aaron almost didn’t have a photographer – they wanted to keep everything low key, candid, natural. Fortunately (with Danielle’s considerable help who also did a fabulous job organizing the wedding) – we were able to persuade them to let me help. So glad we did. A stunning BHLDN dress. Gorgeous flowers and table decorations from Environmental Arts and of course Parrot Cay themselves providing an unforgettable setting.Read More »Parrot Cay wedding perfection.

An intimate wedding at Grace Bay Club Estates.

This was a really fun wedding. Jill and Jared wanted an intimate wedding at Grace Bay Club Estates and they could have gone the route of a quick  hour of pictures on the beach and done. But from the moment we entered the suite at the Grace Bay Club Estates it was clear that this was different. We often get asked by couples if they should do a “first look”. If they should see each other before the wedding so they can then have more time for cocktails or more variety of pictures after the ceremony. Really it’s a personal choice and how you “fit together” as couple. Some brides want  a heap of  bridesmaids, matching robes, almost a sleepover atmosphere whilst some guys want to hang, have a beer and watch football.  Nothing wrong with that. What was fabulous for this wedding was hanging out with Jill and Jared as they got ready together – just the two of them really. They had fun t-shirts, cuff links and shared notes they had written to each other. It was just fabulous to see them helping each other prepare for their upcoming wedding. Great couple. We also then took the two of them around the island as part of our Island Escape Wedding option. We found some great spots and soon had them back in time for Shameka to make sure everything flowed at Grace Bay Club. A few more pictures on the beach and then we left them to enjoy a very relaxing dinner with Jared’s sister and brother-in-law on the beach. Very cool. Makeup by Shenique, Dress by BHLDN. Flowers by Environmental Arts.Read More »An intimate wedding at Grace Bay Club Estates.