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A baby and Engagement beach escape !

Jayne, Alex, Gina and Carlo all love to travel together. With a new toddler/ baby in the mix and now also Jayne and Alex getting engaged, abeach escape photo shoot was a great way to catch some “first steps” and engagement pictures. So with a couple of cocktails in hand we headed off for our classic beach escape. With the trade winds blowing we found a couple of sheltered spots before going to some of our fav locations and then ending up at Sapodilla Bay for a classic sunset setting almost right over the water. It’s also a lot less windy on the south-side of the island – so that helped a lot with hair ! It was quite a challenge to switch from engagement mode to baby mode back and forth and I was concerned that I might loose any rapport built up…but we kept things loose and easy going and managed to capture some great moments and pictures.  Be sure to checkout the last sunset shot – WOW!!Read More »A baby and Engagement beach escape !

First beach steps at Villa Renaissance, Turks and Caicos

Villa Renaissance  is a resort we use for photo shoots even when guests are not staying there. Its beautiful gardens and quiet location make it a perfect spot to start off any photo shoot. This was a fun shoot. Lots of great colours, parents who didn’t mind getting in the sand and best of all watching their son XXX really take his first steps on the beach. Until the shoot he hadn’t taken to the sand and the waves (quite common). He was great around the resort, but that sandy stuff..not so sure. But during the shoot, we sat him in the sand, played around, did some swinging, jumping and general fun. By the end he didn’t want to leave…..Check out the last picture in this post…well after sunset and he’s still going, running AWAY down the beach…FANTASTIC!Read More »First beach steps at Villa Renaissance, Turks and Caicos

Sara and Clive’s ClubMed Wedding

A simple two person ClubMed Wedding was a riot of color. When we met up with Sara and Clive before their wedding they pointed out a beautiful flame tree that they wanted to include. So we arranged a bit of a “first look” before the wedding so we could include it in the pictures.. After that we headed off on an island tour capturing some great spots we know around the island. We even had time to stop off for a quick rum punch at the Conch Shak. It’s great that the island is so compact and allows us to show it off and still only be 10 minutes away from where the wedding will be. (so much less stress than worrying about “traffic” !) We were back to ClubMed for the ceremony on the beach as the sun was setting and a few moments together before they headed off to Grace Bay club for an intimate dinner for two. Awesome.
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Fab, fun family pictures in turks and caicos.

Creating family pictures in turks and caicos is something I love to do. I love having families that have energy and are happy to run, play, jump, chase, tickle and generally get sandy. My heart drops a little when the khaki and white and manicured hair comes out. Will they even sit in the sand? With Selma and Jules it was full on action and fun as we corralled Eva and Connor. YES!  We started off with replicating a picture that Jules had with his own dad #awesome, then headed to the beach. The water in Turks is so inviting – its like a huge warm bath with clear water and few waves, so no wonder Conner wanted to run head first into the ocean.  I love the smiles, the energy, the distracted looks off camera as this family enjoys everything that they do. Sit still? Why? It’s more interesting over there, let’s go.. If only we could tap into the power source of a 1.5 year old. Tesla would be out of business!
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A vibrant morning wedding at the Sands Resort grace bay.

A morning wedding at the Sands Resort grace bay was the perfect opportunity to create some vibrant, colourful tropical pictures. With most of our weddings occurring an hour or so before sunset I always love the chance to mix things up. The light is so phenomenal and the colours are hard to believe. The earlier than normal start was not an issue for Jennifer and Tim and their guests, especially with mom having been awake ” most of the night” with excitement. Coffee, snacks and a few “shots” for the boys all helped fuel the morning festivities. The Sands Resort did another fabulous job on the beach and after a small, intimate wedding it was soon time for everyone to head of for an afternoon of sailing. What a great way to spend your wedding day !

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family photo shoot – Turks and Caicos style.

An easy peasy family photo shoot?  I see it in the faces of parents all the time. The concern, the worry, the anxiousness that after all the preparations, getting ready, choosing outfits, arranging nap times and snacks, once in-front of the camera the little ones will “melt down” and not co-operate….Hand on heart – in the last 20 years I’ve never seen it happen. I cannot remember it happening. Maybe I’ve just “blanked it out ”  😉 As I arrived at Royal West Indies Resort last week the smiling face of Sofia peered back at me through the glass doors of the hotel lobby… CUTE!!  This was going to be fun !
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Honeymoon pictures in Turks and Caicos

It’s honeymoon time in Turks and Caicos. With weddings kicking off with the warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere we’ve had the plrasure of a few couples visiting us here in Turks and Caicos for their honeymoon. Fab ! Suzanne and Ben’s Honeymoon pictures was a fun, low key  photo shoot. I picked them up from the Aquamarine Beach Houses and we moved around the island with this relaxed couple, chatting about the island and more. A couple of outfit changes, a few new locations and some favourites and we soon found ourselves on a secluded beach waiting for the sun to slowly dip and make it’s way to the horizon. A fab way to spend a couple of hours and a great reminder of a lovely and special stay in Turks and Caicos.Read More »Honeymoon pictures in Turks and Caicos