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beach honeymoon pictures

In between the flurry of weddings we have at this time of year we also have had a few beach honeymoon pictures sessions. Whilst often a lot of emphasis is put on the wedding and the wedding day for pictures, it can be such a time crunch that having pictures on your honeymoon makes a lot of sense. In an hour or less, you can grab some fab pictures without the time pressure and more often than not, whilst you are in a gorgeous setting – just like Turks and Caicos! We did just that for Darya and Charles recently at the Sands Resort. One evening before they went out to dinner we met up an hour or so before sunset and meandered our way through the resort ending up on the always amazing Gracebay beach for sunset.  Perfect, Fun, Easy.

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Beach Maternity Shoot

Mia has helped us before with photo shoots and also lived in Turks and Caicos until recently. It was lovely to catch up with her and help her celebrate her second new addition on the way! With busy schedules it took a little while to set up a day and time, but it was well worth it. Love the color and vibrancy of shooting at this time of day. Turks and Caicos is such a great place for a maternity shoot with it’s relaxed vibe.

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Wedding at Gracebay Club

Amy and Jeremy’s Wedding at Gracebay Club was a wedding I had been looking forward to ever since they came down for a pre-wedding visit and engagement shoot. I don’t think we stopped chatting, laughing and playing during that whole shoot and the wedding wasn’t any different!  With Shenique taking taking of the hair and makeup,  Luise from Nila Destinations coordinating and the fab team from Gracebay Club hosting the wedding on the beach and then the reception at the Grill Rouge under the stars, it really was a perfect setup. We also perhaps discovered a new method of measuring how awesome the wedding is – by the number of toasts. I do believe everyone at the wedding at some point wanted to come up to the microphone and say a few words about this special couple. One after another they left their seats and stood up to reminisce, congratulate and pass on good wishes and kind words. FINALLY DO NOT MISS the amazing flower girls dresses…WOW!Read More »Wedding at Gracebay Club

A bohemian beach wedding with style and fun!

This was one of my favourite weddings I have ever photographed.  First off, I  love the bohemian vibe and style. It fits perfectly with what Turks and Caicos is all about IMHO. It’s not south beach, it’s not Florida or old school Caribbean. Charli and Jamie’s wedding had so many amazing things going for it. True a drop dead gorgeous bride and groom that could hold his won next to her, but that wasn’t the clincher. The dress – another wow – by Daughters of Simone. They also wanted the wedding to be early in the morning or around 10am which meant “POW” , knock your socks off color, vibrant blue ocean and vivi blue skies.  Again awesome, different and challenging. A big plus was that they love pictures and wanted loads of them. We had Stacie along as a combo wedding  and photo stylist and had a good solid couple of hours after the wedding to play, shoot, run, jump and capture some fun pictures with just the two of them. Add all the above up and it was already hitting the ball out of the park. But what really made it perfection was Charli and Jamie themselves.  They went for it. They laughed, played, grabbed each other and fooled around. Never forced or fake, just fun and it shows….

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Wedding at the Sands Resort Grace Bay

Any wedding that starts off playing with coconuts in plantation has got to be fun! For Ann and James’ Wedding at the Sands Resort Grace Bay we had a little “get to know you” shoot a day or so before the wedding and hung out as we visited some favourite (and some new) spots on the island. With James being over 7 feet tall and Ann a little over 5′ it certainly helped work out what would and wouldn’t work. As it turned out with such a fun couple who were all smiles and laughter it was simple to work with them both and loads of fun too. The wedding was an elegant beach wedding with a perfect sunset, lovely details and intimate with close family and friends attending.. Mary from Nila Destinations was on hand to smooth things along, Anne did the makeup and Bridgette the hair. A short walk along the beach just before sunset brought everyone to Bay Bistro where Kissing Fish had set up their usual magical beach feast. It’s also worth checking out all the “crafty” items at the wedding that Ann herself created. From the signing sheet, to bouquets to the cake topper. wow – lovely stuff.

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Wedding at the Sands at Grace Bay

A groom still in the pool with a cocktail less than an hour before the wedding; Pimms for the cocktail of choice after the ceremony and a dance floor and reception inches from the water on the beach – shouldn’t every wedding be like this? Kourtney and Glen’s Wedding at the Sands at Grace Bay was  a coming together of British humour and Texan hospitality and fun – something I can completely relate to.  With Mary from Nila Destinations keeping everything running smoothly and a reception catered by Kissing Fish it was a fabulous wedding. Flowers by the always amazing Environmental Arts. Icing on the cake? The rocking steel pan band from a local school that had people stopping on the beach to pause and listen…awesome.

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Why you should Trash The Dress.

Why you should Trash The Dress.  For many brides it’s a simple “never” and that’s fine, whilst for others it’s a maybe or not quite sure. After all it’s their wedding dress!  First off the name “trash the dress’ is a bit like doom and gloom. It’s rare that the dress is written off or destroyed in fact I’ve never seen that happen. So why do it?
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