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Wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach

A wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach is not something we do every week or even every month, yet we’ve had a flurry of proposals over the last ten days ! It all starts with a call or email from the (always slightly nervous) groom to be. Locations? Time of day? How will you recognize me? Where shall I do it? ¬†Zack already had 95% of the plan (and a ring ūüėČ ¬†) so with a little tweaking for the best beach spot and lighting we had a plan. It was a really fabulous evening as Zack and Hayley walked up the beach. Hayley¬†had no idea this was the moment as I mixed/hid with a few late afternoon guests sitting on the beach. I think they were as excited as anyone! – they did after all have front row seats. ¬†Zack walked passed, made sure he had seen me and then dropped to one knee…..perfect. After going over and saying hello and making introductions, we hung out on the beach as the sun slowly got lower and lower in the sky…then I gave them a quick ride to Coco Bistro…perfect !! Many congratulations to you both.Read More »Wedding proposal on Grace Bay Beach

Magical proposal on Grace Bay beach

As well as a busy week at the studio we are also having quite a romantic week! A couple of days ago we helped Steve pop the question to¬†Jaclyn. After a few telephone calls with Steve we set up a plan involving a walk along the beach close to the Gansevoort Resort with me hiding/lurking ready with a camera. Jaclyn¬†luckily didn’t suspect a thing and even Steve almost missed seeing me! ¬†After the proposal we did a few pictures before the sun started to disappear¬† and then gave them a lift to the¬†Grace Bay Club where Steve had made dinner reservations. What a lovely way to spend an evening…a magical proposal on Grace Bay beach.

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Honeymoon pictures in Turks and Caicos

It’s honeymoon time in Turks and Caicos. With weddings kicking off with the warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere we’ve had the plrasure of a few couples visiting us here in Turks and Caicos for their honeymoon. Fab ! Suzanne and Ben’s Honeymoon pictures was¬†a fun, low key ¬†photo shoot. I picked them up from the Aquamarine Beach Houses and we moved around the island with this relaxed couple, chatting about the island and more. A couple of¬†outfit changes, a few¬†new locations and some favourites and we soon found ourselves on a secluded beach waiting for the sun to slowly dip and make it’s way to the horizon. A fab way to spend a couple of hours and a great reminder of a lovely and special stay in Turks and Caicos.Read More »Honeymoon pictures in Turks and Caicos

beach honeymoon pictures

In between the flurry of weddings we have at this time of year we also have had a few beach honeymoon pictures sessions. Whilst often a lot of emphasis is put on the wedding and the wedding day for pictures, it can be such a time crunch that having pictures on your honeymoon makes a lot of sense. In an hour or less, you can grab some fab pictures without the time pressure and more often than not, whilst you are in a gorgeous setting Рjust like Turks and Caicos! We did just that for Darya and Charles recently at the Sands Resort. One evening before they went out to dinner we met up an hour or so before sunset and meandered our way through the resort ending up on the always amazing Gracebay beach for sunset.  Perfect, Fun, Easy.

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Why you should Trash The Dress.

Why you should Trash The Dress. ¬†For many brides it’s a simple “never” and that’s fine, whilst for others it’s a maybe or not quite sure. After all it’s their wedding dress! ¬†First off the name “trash the dress’ is a bit like doom and gloom. It’s rare that the dress is written off or destroyed in fact I’ve never seen that happen. So why do it?
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romantic photo shoot

Lauren and William’s romantic photo shoot.

With so many families down in Turks and Caicos for spring break it was fun to mix things up a little and help Lauren and Williams with a more romantic photo shoot. We were able to rearrange the shoot to avoid some cloud and rain on our “booked night” and slip the shoot by 24 hours. So glad we did as the sun was out and it was another fabulous afternoon in Turks and Caicos. WOW what a cute couple and so fun to work with. We played. we moved around the island, we tried out a new spot where we’ve never taken pictures before and ended up on the south side of the island with the perfect sunset setting right over the water. Awesome…now we just need to persuade them to come back for the destination wedding ūüėČRead More »Lauren and William’s romantic photo shoot.